The Collective Quarterly

October 22, 2014

A visit from the minds of the collective quarterly. All very talented in their own right. They came in search of the creative spark, hey walked into a fire.

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Stages Power Meters Tradeshow Booth

September 23, 2014

This summer, we were given the opportunity to build a Booth for Stages Cycling. We took a shipping container bound for the land fill and turned it into a transforming booth. With the push of a button, the top goes up and the wall folds down becoming the floor. From scribble to render to reality.

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Tables, credenzas and trade show booths OH MY....

March 04, 2014

Exciting times at our dusty shop.  We are about to blow the top off the table and bike industries.   Just had to pause for a moment to make good on a promise to another master of his craft. Photos coming soon.

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Montpelier Art Walk

December 03, 2013

listen to the Skinny Dragon!!

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